Gammadyne Mailer Settings

From (your email address)

At minimum you must replace the "" part of the "From" address with your own Email address. Be sure that the address you use is a valid email address and that there is somebody whose job it is to read any bouncebacks and complaints that come in to that mailbox. Failure to do this may result in your being placed on or more spam blacklists, thereby preventing you from sending any email at all to companies or Internet Service Providers that subscribe to those blacklists.


The subject line that QuickFill proposes for your email messages looks like this:
Subscription Renewal Notice for [[PUBNAME1]] [[PUBNAME2]]
When your messages are sent the PUBNAMEn fields will be replaced with the name of your publication, as it appears in the ERNnnnnn.DBF file. This subject line is probably acceptable but you can change it if you wish.

SMTP Server Settings

Click this button to access a screen where you can enter the settings required for access to your SMTP server. Click here for a description of the fields on the SMTP Server Settings screen.