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“Management Roundtable has used QuickFill for close to 22 years to manage all of our customer data in our specialty information publishing business, which has included subscription publications, audio sessions, special reports, workshops conferences, and subscription-based websites.”

Alexander J. Cooper, President
Management Roundtable, Inc.
October 12, 2011

Hosted QuickFill

Now you can have all the benefits of QuickFill combined with the ease of use of cloud-based software as a service. With Hosted QuickFill you get the benefits of a professionally run data center providing data center security and protection of your data well beyond that which most businesses can afford to provide for themselves.

Hosted QuickFill allows you to:

  • Access your database via the Internet on virtually any device;
  • always have the current version of QuickFill;
  • access address correction software from within QuickFill;
  • use Gammadyne Mailer to send email renewals from within QuickFill;
  • use CWC Software's customer support team via phone and email.

Per User Monthly Pricing

  • Users: 1-5 @ $100/month/user;
  • Users: 6+ @ $60/month/user.

Also available:

  • QuickFill Audit module -- $100/month/company -- not per user;
  • Transaction importer module -- $100/month/company -- not per user.