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USPS Traditional and OneCode ACS

A new data import for processing both Traditional and OneCode Address Change Service files from the USPS is now included as part of the basic QuickFill system. This program, found on the 'Other' menu under 'Imports,' accepts the USPS generated ACS Fulfillment file and imports address changes and processes nixies.

More information on the ACS Import available in the online help system.

Scheduled Address Changes

You can now enter address changes that take effect at some point in the future. This new feature supports permanent one time changes as well as both recurring and non-recurring temporary changes ("snowbirds"). Once an address change has been scheduled the change will take effect when the issue label update, billing update or renewal update is run, provided the effective date of the scheduled change has been reached. Scheduled changes can also be performed by the 'Update Addresses' update.


The QFConvert file conversion utility is now distributed free with QuickFill. QFConvert can be used to extract data from a variety of sources and convert it to a dBASE or comma delimited file. One of its primary uses is to extract name and address information from rental lists, clean up the data and put it into a format that can be imported into QuickFill as a prospect file.

Fix Orders Update

Use the 'Fix Orders' update to make mass changes to order records. Possible applications include:

  • Fixing the price, term, tracking code or other characteristics of orders that were entered with the wrong codes.
  • Fixing new orders that were mistakenly entered with the wrong start issue.
  • Removing orders and subscriptions that were imported incorrectly.
  • Extending and reactivating subscriptions that have expired.
  • Changing the billing or renewal policies for orders that were entered with the wrong codes.
  • Changing the classification or request type of orders (audit system only).
  • Removing the credit card numbers from orders where the payment process has been completed.

More information on the Fix Orders update available in the online help system.