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QuickFill, Qfie and PCI
Frequently Asked Questions

How long have PCI compliant QuickFill and Qfie been available?

PCI compliant QuickFill (Version 1.9) was first released to our supported users in November 2010. The fully functioning QuickFill demonstration system, available from our downloads page, includes the ability to test the PCI compliant credit card features.

The Qfie programming and testing for credit card processing using Worldpay (then known as Element Payment Services) and Authorize.Net was completed in early August 2011, at which point we began migrating our Qfie accounts to the PCI compliant environment.

We also implemented Qfie programming for credit card processing via Moneris and Payflow.

Is entering transactions more complicated or time consuming?

No, in fact having things "completed" immediately may end up saving you time! There is no more waiting for credit card updates to find out if charges were accepted or declined. You know immediately - while entering the transaction!

Any chance of getting a quick look at the new credit card features in QuickFill?

We have created two walkthroughs to let you get a look at exactly how the new transactions work.

  • Cancel a paid by credit card order and issue a refund. Click
  • Enter a renewal with a credit card payment. Click

Another option is to explore the fully functioning demonstration system which is available from our downloads page. This 'QuickFill demo' includes a test mode that will allow you to try out the new transactions.

Who is Worldpay?

Worldpay is the credit card payment gateway and processor that we (CWC) have selected to integrate with QuickFill. Through this integration credit card payments and refunds are entered "through QuickFill" in real-time. The sensitive credit card information covered by PCI standards is no longer stored in QuickFill's database.

Worldpay is also be available for use through Qfie. Other changes to Qfie have been made so that the previously allowed credit card processors continue to be available in a PCI-compliant environment.

Click here to visit the Worldpay Website.

What will this cost?

The upgrades to QuickFill and Qfie are covered by your Annual Support and Upgrade Agreement.

Once you have contacted Worldpay they will provide you with a detailed explanation of their pricing structure, a statement analysis and a free rate quote.

How do we reach Worldpay?

The easiest way is to ask us to submit a referral on your behalf. That way you will be contacted by a Worldpay representative who knows CWC Software, QuickFill and Qfie. If you prefer, you can request that Worldpay contact you by filling in this form.

How does this change our QuickFill installation?


Anything in QuickFill that performs credit card processing will require a "live" internet connection. This includes transactions (new orders, renewals, payments, bounced payments, and cancels) and updates (renewal and issue label).

When we upgrade, what happens to the credit card data already in our database?

The upgrade program will remove the credit card fields (and the data in them) from your database. If the old card number field contained a credit card number, the last four digits of the number will be retained in the new payment record paynum field. Check numbers and other non-credit card number data that is found in the old card number field will also be saved.

A provision has been made for handling credit cards that were setup for reuse during autorenewal. Please see the next question for more information.

Can we do autorenewals with reuse of credit cards?

If you enter an order that is flagged for autorenewal using a credit card, QuickFill will prompt you for the credit card number and expiration date (but not the CVV2). That information will not be stored in the QuickFill database, but will be stored using Worldpay's "Payment Account Secure Storage (PASS)".

As part of upgrading your QuickFill database you will be able to "programmatically" set up the required PASS information at Worldpay for continuing to autorenew subscriptions currently setup for autorenewal with reuse of credit card information.

We currently do not process any of our credit card charges through QuickFill. Can we continue in this manner?

Yes, you will be able to enter payments using the "pre-paid by credit card" payment types. You will also be able to enter the last four digits of the credit card number to assist you in providing customer service.

Currently we use the QuickFill Internet Extension with Authorize.net (or Payflow Pro). Do we still need to work with Worldpay?

With the new QuickFill Internet Extension (Qfie) you can continue to use Authorize.Net or Payflow or you can switch to Worldpay.

If you are going to be processing credit cards for mail and/or telephone orders through QuickFill (via Worldpay) you may find it more convenient to switch your Qfie processing to Worldpay as well.