Credit Cards

You can handle credit card payments in QuickFill either externally or internally.

Internal credit card processing

Processing credit card payments internally through QuickFill saves time and has the advantage of immediate feedback. You know right away whether the charge was accepted or denied.

To process credit card payments through QuickFill you must establish an account with Vantiv Integrated Payments (VIP formerly Element Payment Services).  VIP can act as just a gateway, with your choice of a variety of back end card processors, or can act as a combined gateway and back end card processor. Click here for more information about VIP. Once you have established an account with VIP you must enter the account identifiers on the company definition screen. If your database contains multiple companies you will have to do this for each company, although all companies can share the same VIP account identifiers, if you so desire.

To enter an order that is paid by credit card you just have to enter the card type on the QuickFill order screen. QuickFill will automatically calculate the amount to be charged, adding sales tax and shipping charges if necessary. When you click 'OK' on the QuickFill screen a small Internet web browser window will appear where you can enter the credit card number, expiration date and CVV2 value (if available). Once you have filled in the credit card information and submitted it, VIP will process the charge immediately. The results of the transaction are recorded in the QuickFill database, including a transaction ID number for use in case the customer inquires about the transaction. Only the last four digits of the credit card number are recorded. The card expiration date and CVV2 value are not stored in QuickFill.

VIP also provides secure storage of credit card account information for use in automatic renewal of subscriptions.

VIP has been certified as meeting the Payment Card Industry (PCI) security standard. Because the QuickFill application program does not process or transmit any sensitive credit card data it is "out of scope" and does not need to be PCI certified.

Credit card test mode

When testing the credit card interface to VIP you should put QuickFill into test mode. While in test mode QuickFill sends all credit card transactions to a test server at VIP instead of their live production server. To put QuickFill into test mode, check the 'Credit card transaction test mode' box on the preferences screen. Alternatively you can add the /TEST command line parameter to the shortcut that starts QuickFill. When QuickFill is in test mode the QuickFill window title includes the words "Test Mode". If you make a copy of a QuickFill database using the "Copy database" command on the File menu, the copy is automatically placed into test mode. This helps ensure that you do not accidentally process live credit card transactions in any copies of your database that you made to try things out.

Caution: be careful when you experiment with your database. Make sure your database is in test mode if you are just trying things out. Cancellation of subscriptions that were paid by credit card will result in an immediate refund to the subscriber's credit card if you are not in test mode. If you support automatic renewal of subscriptions using stored credit cards (see below), running either the Renewal update or the Issue Labels update can result in automatic charges to subscribers' credit cards.

External credit card processing

Processing externally is a three step process. First you must pre-calculate the amount to be charged. This will be simple if your subscriptions have a straight forward pricing scheme, but may be complicated if you are testing different promotional prices or have to add sales tax and/or shipping charges. The second step is to enter the credit card number and charge amount into a terminal provided by your bank or credit card processor. The third and final step is to enter the details of the order into QuickFill, including the credit card type, the last four digits of the card number and the amount charged.

It is also possible to import new and renewal orders into QuickFill from an external system using the optional Transaction Import feature. In this scenario the credit card payments must be processed by the external system, and then imported into QuickFill as "pre-processed" credit card payments. QuickFill will store the last four digits of the credit card number in its database, but will not have available any other details of the credit card transaction.

Automatic renewal of subscriptions by credit card is not supported if you are using external credit card processing.

Credit card payment type codes

The codes in the first two columns below are processed through VIP. The codes AP, MP, VP, DP and NP are used for credit card payments that are handled outside of QuickFill using a credit card terminal or other external processing method. Payment type code PN should be used in situations such as a lockbox where you do not know what credit card type was used.

Processed immediately through VIP (formerly EPS)


Processed outside of QuickFill

A (American Express)

AI (American Express, internet order)


AP (American Express, preprocessed)

M (MasterCard)

MI (MasterCard, internet order)


MP (MasterCard, preprocessed)

V (Visa)

VI (Visa, internet order)


VP (Visa, preprocessed)

D (Discover)

DI (Discover, internet order)


DP (Discover, preprocessed)

N (Diner's Club)

NI (Diner's Club, internet order)


NP (Diner's Club, preprocessed)




PN (Preprocessed credit card, unknown type)