QuickFill's Audit System

QuickFill's Audit System provides the ability to collect the data and produce the reports necessary to do a circulation audit.

The purpose of a circulation audit is to provide advertisers with standardized, verifiable information about your publication's circulation. QuickFill supports circulation audits provided by three organizations: BPA WorldWide (BPA), the Alliance for Audited Media (AAM), and Verified Audit of Circulation (VAC). QuickFill's Audit System supports audits by all three organizations as long as they are not unit or noncontinuous audits.

A circulation audit requires you to collect and report specific information about your subscribers. Typically, you periodically require your subscribers to submit a qualification form that provides information about themselves and their businesses. This information is then captured in your fulfillment system and reported to your audit bureau on a "publisher's statement." Once a year, the audit bureau sends an auditor to your office to verify the accuracy of the information in your statement.

QuickFill's Audit System not only allows you to capture and report on the required data but also to manage your circulation so that you can improve the attractiveness of your circulation to advertisers. For example, you might cancel a group of subscribers based on their specific answers to your questionnaire (their answers may have indicated a marginal interest in the field you serve), then create subscriptions for more attractive subscribers out of your prospect pool.

When you install the Audit System, it immediately becomes integrated into QuickFill. QuickFill's menus expand to include the additional transactions, updates, and reports needed to handle audited publications. Moreover, the screens for existing transactions fully accommodate audit-related data.

Like QuickFill itself, the Audit System is designed for ease of use, flexibility, and speed. The system not only lets you handle even the most complicated audit in-house, but it also provides powerful tools for managing your circulation. You can, for example, maintain a pool of qualified prospects and ask "what-if" questions about how your publisher's statement would look if you dropped some of your existing circulation and added new subscriptions from the prospect pool.

If you aren't already familiar with QuickFill, we recommend you start by working through the "Tour of QuickFill." The demonstration provided in the tour uses a sample database that provides real data with which to explore and experiment with QuickFill. If you are already a QuickFill user, you should work with the tour of the Audit System. (Contact Technical Support at CWC Software if you did not receive the tour documentation with your QuickFill installation CD.) Click on the links below to familiarize yourself with the Audit System's special features. Because the terminology used to discuss audited publications can be confusing, we recommend that you review the glossary of audit related terms first.

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