Billing Series

The following is a detailed explanation on how to create a billing series. Click here for a description of how the various parts of QuickFill's billing system interact.

Defining a billing series

When you select 'Billing' under 'Definitions' on the main menu, then select 'Series', you'll see a list of currently defined series in the upper half of the screen and the "New," "Change," "Replicate," and "Delete" options running along the bottom. For each billing series that you have defined, QuickFill will display, the billing series code and description.

You can define another billing series by clicking on "New," filling in the fields described below, and then clicking on "OK." If the billing series you want to define next is similar to one you've already defined, you can replicate the existing series by moving the cursor to that billing series and or clicking on "Replicate."

Several publications can use the same billing series. But messages may contain references to a price, term, or other information specific to a particular publication. So be careful when you replicate a billing series. If you intend to use publication-specific messages, it makes more sense to set up at least one billing series for each publication.

You can also change the definition of a billing series by moving the cursor to the series you want to change and double clicking on the series, or clicking once on "Change." You can delete a billing series that is not being used by moving the cursor on the series you want to delete and clicking on "Delete."

To delete a series that you're currently using to bill orders in your database, you must first either select 'Billing series' on the 'Change series' submenu of the 'Updates' menu to link those orders to some other billing series (click here for details on changing billing series) or merge the definition with that of another billing series. If you use 'Change series', you must also remove the series from your publication definition and tracking code definitions if it is currently being used as the default billing series.

Once you select "New," "Change," "Replicate," or "Delete," you'll see a Billing series screen with two tabs ("Efforts" and "Format") where you can define the series. (You can move easily between tabs by using the Ctrl-RightArrow and Ctrl-LeftArrow key combinations or your mouse.) When you're done, click on "OK" to save your changes.


Click here for information on how to merge billing series codes.


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