How to create a choice list file

When entering customer addresses you may find that there are some elements of the address that occur so often that you would like to be able to have your data entry operators choose from a pop-up list of values. QuickFill allows you to define your own choice lists for the prefix, suffix, title, company, city, state, zip code, sex, and demographic code fields.

To use this feature you need to create a text file named "Customer.F2." You should create the file using Windows Notepad or any other text editor. Do not use Microsoft Word.  QuickFill will look for this file in the database directory first and then in the QuickFill program directory. To make a choice list file accessible to all of your databases, put it in the QuickFill program directory.

Warning:  Make certain that your choice list file is saved as "Customer.F2" and not "Customer.F2.txt."  Windows Notepad will automatically add a ".txt" extension to filenames if you are not careful. To avoid this problem when saving your file, enter "Customer.F2" in the 'File name' box, and then choose "All Files" in the 'Save as type" box. If you leave the 'Save as type' box set to "Text Documents (*.txt) then Windows Notepad will silently change your file name to "Customer.F2.txt".

Here is an example of a choice list file: 



Vice President
Chief Executive Officer
Personnel Manager

1   Government
2   Corporate managers
3   Law firms
4   Utilities
5   Libraries

The file is divided into sections with each section beginning with an asterisk and a keyword that indicates which field the choices belong to. Each line should be no longer than 80 characters and must end with a carriage return.

In the sample demographic codes, notice that the descriptions are separated from the codes by three spaces. This is done so that when the operator selects from the list only the code value, not the description, will be copied into the field. QuickFill only copies as much of the line as will fit into the field. Since the demographic fields are four-digit fields, we have positioned the descriptions beginning in column five. If you want to set up codes for the city, state, zip code, or demographic data fields (DEMDATA1 and DEMDATA2), you should position the descriptions beginning in column 27, 3, 11, or 20 respectively. (The city field is a 26-character field, the state field is a 2-character field, the zip code field is a 10-character field, and the demographic data fields are 19-character fields.)

The keywords that may be included in a choice list file are:















The keywords must begin with an asterisk. Using all caps for the keywords is recommended but not required.