How to enter renewals at birth

QuickFill also provides the ability to establish renewals at birth; an extension to a subscription that is solicited at the time of the original order or on the bill for an unpaid order. For example, some publishers offer subscribers extended terms on their bills with wording such as "for only twenty dollars more you can receive an extra twelve issues." If the subscriber accepts the offer and sends in a check for the amount of the original order plus the extension, then you are faced with a dilemma—how do you enter a combination payment and renewal transaction and split the amount of the check appropriately?

The renewal transaction has been designed to handle this situation by allowing you to establish an extra renewal effort that is not part of any renewal series. The renewal effort should be linked to an offer with an amount that is equal to the difference between the price of the original and the extended subscription. You should also link the renewal effort to a unique channel; this will provide the ability to run reports for your renewal at birth orders using either the renewal effort or channel. (Click here for details on defining renewal efforts.) When you receive a payment from a subscriber who has elected to extend his or her subscription, enter it as a renewal, not a payment, and choose the renewal effort code that you defined for "renewals at birth."

For renewals at birth, you should choose the option to apply the payment to the prior order. This way, the payment will first be applied to the original order and then any excess will be applied to the renewal "at birth" order.

If your billing series is defined to suspend subscriptions for nonpayment at an early billing effort and you also send renewal at birth offers, you cannot follow the steps mentioned above.  Instead, you must first enter the full payment using the 'Payments' transaction (this will result in a credit balance) and then post an unpaid renewal.

The credit balance on the original order will be rolled forward to the renewal order.