How to certify customer addresses (according to USPS requirements)

If you have registered with the US Postal Service for using their USPS Verify Address Web API you can correct and certify addresses as you enter them into your database. Using the USPS option requires that you sign up for a (no cost) Web Tools User ID.  Please visit to register for your user credentials. 

If you use other software for address correction and certification, you can correct and certify addresses outside of QuickFill and then use the 'Customer data import' to import updated customer records back into your database.

Using the USPS Verify Address Web API with QuickFill:

As mentioned above, QuickFill provides the ability to use the USPS Web API to correct and certify customers' addresses as you enter them into your database. In addition, using this free service with QuickFill saves you keystrokes. For example, if you omit the city name and state from a customer's address, the USPS will determine them from the street address and zip code.

After obtaining your USPS Web Tools User ID, simply perform the step below to begin reaping the benefits of address correction and certification software:

When QuickFill opens a database or loads the address change screen it checks to see if there is a value entered in the ‘USPS Web API ID’ field. If there is an entry, a "USPS" indicator appears on the bottom right of the screen. It also enables an "Address Lookup" button on the customer data entry screen. After entering an address you can click on the button and it will attempt to validate the address and determine the correct Zip+4+2 codes and the carrier route. You'll find that most addresses are certified in just a couple of seconds. If the address is successfully validated the changes are displayed and you can choose to accept them or undo the changes. If you accept the changes the address is assigned a certification date. As mentioned above, you can also omit parts of the address and the address service will try to fill them in for you.

If the original data that makes up a customer's address is in uppercase, the data returned to QuickFill will also be in uppercase. If the original data is in mixed case then ‘Address Lookup’ will use the same case determining rules used by the ‘Update Addresses’ update.  This update uses a file, QFCONVERT.INI, located in your QuickFill program directory.  More information on the structure of the QFCONVERT.INI file can be found in the file itself.


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