How to handle two-party & group subscriptions

There are many different actions that can be taken with two-party and group subscriptions. The following is a list of some of these actions and a brief description of how to take them. For further details on any of these actions, click on the action for which you would like to see more information.

  1. The 'Group change' transaction is used to add members to a two-party or group subscription, delete members from a group subscription (to delete the bill-to from a two-party subscription, use the 'Delete bill-to' transaction under 'Two-party' on the 'Transactions' menu), and to change the number of copies or shipping class a member(s) of a two-party or group subscription.

Any time that the group change transaction is used, the active order for the two-party or group subscription being changed is canceled and the deferred income and any balances are transferred to a renewal order that is automatically created by QuickFill.

When members are added to a two-party subscription, it becomes a group subscription.

After using the 'Group change' transaction to add the member to the existing group subscription, use the 'Transfer payment' transaction to transfer the deferred income cash from the new member's single subscription to the group subscription, and then use the 'Cancel' transaction to cancel the single subscription.

In the event that you want the new member wants a refund for the unserved portion of their single subscription, use the 'Cancel' transaction to cancel the subscription immediately (select the "Cancel now" option) and refund the money for the unserved portion of the subscription (select the "Unexpired term" option).

  1. The 'Add Bill-to' transaction and 'Delete bill-to' transaction found under 'Two-party' on the 'Transactions' menu are used to add a bill-to to a single subscription and delete a bill-to from a two-party subscription respectively.

  2. Use the "Change" button on the renewal order form to change the members of a two-party or group subscription when the order is renewed. After clicking on this button, the two-party or group member list will appear and you will be able to add members, delete members, change members' addresses, and change the number of copies members receive as well as their shipping classes. Click here for more details on entering renewals.

Any time you change a two-party or group subscription while entering a renewal order, QuickFIll creates a new subscription. The first issue served for this new subscription will be the issue after the original subscription expires. The subscription history for both the original subscription and the renewal order will reflect the fact that a renewal was entered and will list the new order number or old order number respectively.