About QuickFill (Help menu)

Tool bar:  image\aboutqf.jpg


The 'About QuickFill' screen provides information about the environment in which QuickFill is running. It also displays the copyright notice, the version of QuickFill you are running, and your serial number. When you contact Technical Support at CWC Software, the support technician may ask you to display this screen and read the contents to him or her.

It shows you the command line you used to start QuickFill, the location of the QuickFill program, and the directories where the database, help files, reports, temporary files and mail-merge files are located. The directories for these files may be specified on the preferences definition screen.

Also shown are the name and version of the operating system on your machine, the total amount of physical memory, your QuickFill user ID, your workstation ID, the location of the lock manager and the date and results of the most recent database check.

On the bottom of the screen, it shows you the free space that is available on each of the disk drives where QuickFill files are located, the number of active publications, active subscriptions and customers in the database, and the IDs of any other workstations currently running QuickFill.

A publication is considered "active" if it is flagged as active and accepting orders on the publication definition screen and the most recent issue was served within the last 180 days.  The number of active subscriptions is obtained by summing the number of paid, free and complimentary copies served for the most recent issue of each of the active publications.

The IDs that are shown under 'Other active users' are the Windows names assigned to the workstations running QuickFill, not the QuickFill user names.


You can access the 'About QuickFill' screen by clicking on 'About QuickFill' under the 'Help' menu or by tool bar icon shown above.