Reports menu

When you go to the main menu and choose 'Reports', you'll see a list of subject areas about which you can get information from QuickFill's reports. When you select any one of these areas, you will see a list of actual reports that you can run with QuickFill.

Each report has an individualized screen that allows you to filter the publications, codes and dates that are reported. After selecting the filter options you want, click the 'OK' button to run the report. When the report has completed you will be given a choice of printing the report or viewing it on your screen. As an alternative to running the report immediately you can queue the report so that it is run overnight with other jobs. Click here for details on options for running reports.

Unless you delete them, all reports are saved so that you can print or view them again at a later time. To print saved reports use 'Print…' on the 'File' or 'Reports' menu.

QuickFill includes a copy of the filter you used to generate a report as the final page (or pages) of the report. This is handy if you have questions, later on, about exactly what selections were used for a particular report.

If you have purchased and installed custom report programs, they will appear under the 'Custom reports' menu item. A custom report will only appear as a menu option if it is compatible with the version of QuickFill you are running. If a custom report disappears from the menu after installing a new version of QuickFill, either you forgot to install the updated version of the custom program or we forgot to send it to you. If you cannot find the correct version of the program, please contact Technical Support.


The Reports menu offers the following commands:


Lists files (including those created by reports, updates and exports) for printing, viewing, and deleting. Also provides access to the QuickFill Label Splitter.

Analysis Reports


Order History

Counts orders received over a period of time.

New Order Analysis

Reports on the week-by-week responses to a promotional campaign.

Renewal Order Analysis

Reports on the relative success of different offers made on the same renewal effort.

Renewal Rates

Reports on the renewal rates of subscriptions from different sources.

Payment Rates

Reports on payment rates for subscriptions from different sources.


Reports revenue received, broken down by payment type and optionally sorted in a variety of ways.

New Order Revenue

Reports on the revenue received from a promotional campaign in comparison to the costs associated with running the campaign.

Renewal Revenue

Reports on the amount of renewal revenue coming from different sources.

Salesperson Commission

Reports on transactions affecting the amount paid for the purposes of paying sales commissions.

Expire & Statistics Reports


Expire Inventory

Reports the number of customers, subscriptions, and copies expiring with each issue. This report also provides information on the number of copies needed to serve the upcoming issue as well as the income to be earned from that issue.

Adds and Drops by Issue

Reports the number of copies added and/or dropped since the previous issue was served along with reasons for the copies being added and/or dropped.

Subscription Statistics

Reports the number of subscriptions in your database broken down by status.

Customer Statistics

Reports counts of bill-to's and ship-to's demographics and random numbers. This report may also be used to obtain demographic counts for prospects.

Prospect Statistics

Reports the number of prospects in your database with various characteristics.

Billing Update Preview

Provides an estimate of the number of bills that will be produced the next time you run the Billing Update or Issue Label Update.

Renewal Update Preview

Provides an estimate of the number of renewals that will be produced the next time you run the Renewal Update or Issue Label Update.

Renewal Inventory

Reports, by expire issue, the number of subscriptions that are at each renewal effort in a renewal series.

Auto Renewal Preview

Provides an idea of the subscriptions that will be renewed automatically the next time that you run the appropriate update (either the 'Renewal notices' update or the 'Issue Labels' update).

Accounting Reports


Accounts Receivable

Reports accounts receivable.

Credit Card Batches

Use this report to reconcile the batch reports provided by your credit card processor with the credit card transactions recorded in QuickFill.

Credit Balance

Provides a listing of subscribers who have a credit balance.

Refund Preview

Reports on customers who are due a refund.

Sales Tax

Reports all sales tax related entries for the current accounting period.

Transaction Counts

Reports counts of all transactions and updates processed in the current accounting period.

Issue Summary

Reports the number of paid, complimentary, and free copies served as well as income earned for each issue in the issue range entered in the filter. This report is helpful when preparing a statement of ownership for the U.S. Postal Service.

Run Log

Reports major database events such as database checks, updates, imports, accounting closings, and backups.

General Ledger

Reports the values in QuickFill's accounting fields broken down into four categories (period-to-date, year-to-date, inception-to-date, and unextracted amount).

Deferred Income

Provides a customer-by-customer listing of your deferred income.

Accounting Detail

Provides a summary, by account, of all the accounting entries since the start of the current period.

Customer Lists


Promotional Labels

Provides labels for customers who fit the criteria specified on the filter.

Promotional Labels using qualification filter

Selects customers based on audit data. This version of the Promotional labels report may only be accessed from the audit system.

Customer Directory

Provides a list of customers who fit the criteria specified on the filter along with their subscriptions.

Customer Directory using qualification filter

Selects customers based on audit data. This version of the customer directory report may only be accessed from the audit system.

Order Acknowledgements

Produces order acknowledgements for paid new and renewal orders.

Group Subscriptions

Generates a listing of group, two-party, and/or gift subscriptions.

Agency Subscriptions

Reports on customers whose current order is part of an agency subscription.

Complimentary Subs.

Provides a complete listing of complimentary subscriptions.

Customer Search

Reports on orders based on the purchase order numbers, payment numbers (e.g. check numbers, wire transfer numbers, etc.) or telephone numbers entered on the filter.

Mismatched Country Codes

Provides a list of customers whose country codes do not match their country names.

Duplicate Subscriptions

Provides a list of customers who have more than one subscription to the same publication.

Blanket Renewals

These reports produce renewal notices for customers even when they are not due for renewal.

Standard Blanket Renewals

Creates standard or custom renewal notices.

Gift Blanket Renewals

Creates detailed renewal notices. These notices list the ship-tos who belong to a gift or group subscription.

Audit Reports

The audit reports may only be accessed from the audit system.

Qualified Circulation

Reports on Paragraphs 3(a), 3(b), 3(c), and/or 4 of the Publisher's statement. This report is helpful in determining the impact of adding members of a prospect list to your circulation or removing some of your existing nonpaid subscribers.

Publisher's Statement

Provides a facsimile of the AAM, BPA or VAC Publisher's Statement, including Form 1-2 for BPA audited publications.

Credit Cancels

Reports on the numbers of customers who have been suspended or canceled for nonpayment.

Audit Issue Galley

Reports on customers who received the audit issue.

Additions and Removals List

Lists the names added to or removed from the circulation for each issue in the audit period.

Average Circulation

Provides a circulation breakdown by classification code for all issues included in the issue range you specify.

Average Prices (AAM, BPA)

Proves the figures reported on the Publisher's Statement report for the overall average price calculation. Lists all of the orders in a specific price group.

Order Price Quartiles (AAM)

Reports pricing data as a percentage of the basic price.

Order Prices (VAC)

Lists all of the orders in a specific price group shown on the VAC Publisher's Statement report.

Order Terms (AAM, BPA)

Lists orders received with a specified group of terms.

Sales Channels (AAM)

Lists orders obtained via specified sales channels.

Premium Usage (AAM, BPA)

Lists orders sold with specified premiums.

Graced Copies (AAM, BPA)

Lists orders that were served grace issues during the reporting period.

Renewals (AAM, BPA)

Lists orders that expired within a particular range of issues together with an indication of whether or not the subscription was renewed.

Requalification Analysis

Provides a count of requalification orders based on requalification source or channel.

Regenerate galley file

Recreates the audit issue galley data file in the event that it is lost or damaged.

Definitions Reports


Marketing Plan List

Reports on marketing plans that you have defined along with the tracking codes associated with each one.

Publication Definitions

Reports on the fulfillment policies as established in your publications definitions.

Tracking Codes Definitions

Provides a complete description of the tracking codes you have defined.

Foreign Country List

Reports on countries defined in the foreign countries table. This report lists each country code along with its country name, default shipping class, and address format for postal codes.

Subscription Agency List

Provides a listing of the subscription agencies defined in your database.

Renewal Series

Provides a complete description of the renewal series defined in your database.

Offers Definition

Provides a complete description of the offers defined in your database.

Split Table Definition

Provides information on the label split table definitions in the database.

Billing Series

Provides a complete description of the billing series defined in your database.


In addition to the reports listed above QuickFill also provides an ODBC driver that provide read-only access to your database. (Click here for more information on ODBC & QuickFill.)